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Partition One: Chinese Astrology/PartitionTwo: Mesoamerican Astrology (Elective Course)

8 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: This course is one of the electives for Professional Training students to become a graduate. It can be taken in any order after the completion of NAT07 and is included in the Diploma Module.
Price: $450

Course Description:

The Eastern Zodiac is perhaps the oldest known horoscope system in the world. Ancient writings have been dated as early as the fourth millennium BC and can be found in the monasteries of Tibet, China and Southeast Asia. Utilizing 5,000 years of practical observations, Chinese astrology reveals attributes, possibilities, driving forces and compulsions, which your birth year has bestowed upon you. This timeless system is as pertinent today as it was centuries before.

While this lunar-based system utilizes fixed mathematical formulas, it is not entirely a predictive science, but rather an “art form” based on principle, order, the spiritual laws of synchronicity and harmony. It is the journey of the human soul through the physical dimension.

This course will present the basic concepts of the Eastern astrological system, which will then become the building blocks to more complex theory and interpretation of the natal chart. The purpose of this interpretive art is self-enlightenment. My wish for you, the student, is to discover this treasure-trove of knowledge and the hidden driving forces which underlie your personality. Have fun as you begin this voyage, and may you find each class “Good for thinking upon.”

I have also incorporated Mesoamerican Astrology at the end of this sesson. Even though there are considerably differences between the two diciplines, there is an undercurrent of similarity between the two. I will enjoy sharing the complexities of this system with you.

Shelly Wu


Class Meeting 1: Introduction to Chinese Astrology

Yin/Yang theory, Qi, History of the eastern zodiac, The Tao, Spiritual quantum physics, The Trinity of Luck, Ming. The Chinese speak of one’s “natural endowment” or “inner being” - our personality from the beginning...We will examine the two faces which make up personality - our inherent "temperament" (un-tampered with self, one’s PRE-disposition).. and our "character".. our acquired after birth, disposition, learned/actual behavior, shaped by free-will and environment.

Class Meeting 2: The Twelve Signs (Earthly Branches) of the Eastern Zodiac

While each one of us possess some qualities of all 12 signs, each person has a dominant sign and birth element. Your birth year paints a striking picture of attitude, mannerisms and potential using the archetypes of the 12 symbolic animal signs. During this class we will explore each sign and the “balance” of positive/negative personality traits.

Class Meeting 3: The 5 Elements (10 Heavenly Stems) “Wuxing” Theory

In addition to the 12 Animal signs, Chinese astrology is modified or flavored in a different way by each of the five basic elements. We will examine the Productive/Destructive cycles and inter-relationship between the basic elements and the effect on each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Class Meeting 4: Triangles of Compatibility

Eastern sages have known for millennia that certain souls seek each other out, powerfully drawn together by what some people call "chemistry" or "that certain something." This class covers the essential harmonies/oppositions between the signs.

Overview of Birth Hour “Companion” rising signs and birth “moons” (months)

Class Meeting 5: Forecasting

Using the stepping-stones of the 12 Earthly branches, the “notes” are learned, and it is now possible to sing a beautiful song. Forecasting the Fate, Destiny and Life-Luck cycles.

Introduction into the more advanced schools of Chinese astrology and practical application of Eastern divination.

Class Meeting 6: Putting it all together - Interpreting the natal chart

Final Exam

Class Meeting 7: Introduction to Mesoamerican astrology

Part I

Class Meeting 8: Introduction to Mesoamerican astrology

Part II

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:

The following required materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

Suggested/supplemental materials:

The following suggested and supplementary materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

The following suggested and supplementary materials are NOT available through the IAA online shopping areas, but may be available elsewhere:

  • Ten Thousand Years Book: The Essential Tool for Chinese Astrology, by transl. Dr. Edgar Sung

Class Offerings and Registration:
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Please note: In addition to the tuition fee, this class registration is subject to a non-refundable $75.00 administrative fee ($27.00 administrative fee for Pocket Courses). Please also read our tuition refund policy.

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