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JYO-101 The Art and Practice of Vedic Astrology

9 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to take you deeper into the foundations of Vedic astrology, the traditional astrology of India. This nine-week module will offer an opportunity for review, consolidation and integration of the foundational material covered in the introductory course. Additionally, we will move deeper into natal and harmonic chart interpretation as well as forecasting. Compared to the introductory course, considerably more reading is required for this module. Finally, one of the most important purposes of Vedic astrology will be introduced, that of karmic remedies and propitiations. Known as "upayas", these are techniques or methods used to enhance positive karmas and mitigate certain more challenging ones. Upayas are uniquely prescribed for each individual based on the Vedic chart reading. They comprise a vast subject which will be approached in depth but addressed even more comprehensively in future courses in this module.


Class Meeting 1: The Grahas and The Rashis

From the introductory level, we move into greater resonance with the essence of the grahas and rashis. We will review the qualities and characteristics of the grahas and rashis, and examine more closely how the grahas and rashis modify each other. You will gain hands on experience of delineate planets in signs in the Rashi and the Navamsha through chart examples in class.

Class Meeting 2: The Bhavas and Bhava Lords

The bhavas are the twelve astrological houses in the horoscope. The Sanskrit term "bhava" translates as "coming into existence." Bhava also means "life, being, birth and appearance." The bhavas esoterically symbolize the stages of the soul's evolutionary journey. In practice, the bhavas also represent fields of action in which the soul experiences the results of karma. The placement of the grahas and rashis in the bhavas is a significant interpretative factor. In addition, the disposition of planets as bhava lords is a key to chart interpretation in Vedic astrology. A graha's disposition as a bhava lord is in fact almost as important as its natural disposition. We will review the placement of grahas in bhavas and will also examine the essence of the bhava lords for each of the twelve ascendants. We will explore a few of these through chart examples in class as you learn to delineate a planet in a house and a planet as a house lord.

Class Meeting 3: The Nakshatras

As with the grahas and rashis, we will connect at deeper levels with the actual energy forms of the nakshatras, invoking them as divine guides who can assist us in our chart interpretation. We will look at their planetary rulers, fixed stars, deities, myths and shaktis, and will consider how the grahas and the bhavas are modified by the nakshatras. We will also discuss the significance of the Nakshatra lord and what it means when planets exchange Nakshatras. You will learn through hands on chart examples in class how to add Nakshatras into your delineations.

Class Meeting 4: Yogas and Drishtis

The yogas are synergistic interactions of grahas that give specific results. Dristhis are aspects between grahas that can be formed through various means in Vedic astrology. It is through the yogas and drishtis that the astrological chart really starts to come together as a cosmic mandala of the soul. We will review what was learned in the introductory course and go deeper into understanding and interpreting these various combinations. In addition, we will explore combustion, retrogradation, separative grahas, kuja dosha, graha yuddha, and various computative systems of analysis through chart examples in class.

Class Meeting 5: Gochara (transits), Dashas (planetary periods) & Vargas (divisional charts)

Varga charts represent a harmonic expansion of the birth chart which allow for a deeper look into specific areas of life. In this class we will discuss how to find chart themes that carry through the Rashi chart and the Varga charts relevant to that theme. We will discuss how to predict when that theme will manifest as events using Gochara and Dashas. We will also take a more in-depth look at Ashtakavarga as we explore the transits and discuss the manner of rectification that is usually required when using varga charts. In class, we will focus on events in the lives of our example charts as we explore how to see the potential for the events in the vargas and time them using transits and dashas.

Class Meeting 6: Doshas, Planetary Types & Ayurveda

This class introduces Ayurveda as a sister science to Vedic Astrology or Jyotish as we explore the planets and signs as they relate to the biological humors (doshas) Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We will discuss the types of diseases related to each planet and their biological and psychological functions. In class you will learn to assess the dominant dosha and planetary type in the chart. We will discuss the importance of using a dosha quiz alongside the chart analysis.

Class Meeting 7: Assessing the Chart for Health & Illness

This class will expand upon the information you learned last week as we learn to assess the Rashi chart, D-3 and D-30 for the health issues. We add dashas and transits to learn to time when a health issue will manifest. You will gain practical hands on experience via example charts of anonymous people with various illnesses. We will also discuss the importance of referring clients to medical professionals and the dangers of providing remedial measures for health without proper medical or ayurvedic training.

Class Meeting 8: Upayas (Remedial Measures)

The purpose of Vedic astrology is not only to guide us to self-knowledge, but it is also to provide methods and tools for harmonizing our relationship with the cosmic energies that compel us. These methods and tools are known as "upayas." Vedic astrology can foresee future events and suggest remedies to help balance and overcome negative circumstances, as well as enhance more positive circumstances, and to maximize opportunities in general. We will discuss the karmic theory behind upayas and some of the issues that can arise in the process of recommending upayas. We will also explore various common and uncommon upayas including gem, mantra and yantra therapies, color healing, yatra (spiritual pilgrimage), herbs, and yagyas (pujas), as well as flower remedies and other so-called "modern upayas." We will talk about the best planets to strengthen in the chart and how to suggest remedial measures to overcome problems indicated by the malefics without strengthening their malefic nature. In class we will look at the charts we’ve used throughout the semester to suggest remedial measures for weak or problematic planets in the chart that are causing non-disease related problems in their lives.

Class Meeting 9: Q and A and Final (Oral) Exam

During this class, you will be given an opportunity to ask questions, after which you will be given a final oral exam on a mystery chart. The questions will address topics of chart analysis and interpretation that you have been learning in this module.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:

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