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JYO-102 The Art & Practice of Vedic Astrology, Prashna & Muhurta

9 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: Introduction to Vedic Astrology & JYO-101 or a working knowledge of the following: planets as karakas; natural & temporal benefic & malefic planets; planetary dignities including friendship & enmity; what the houses, planets, & Nakshatras mean in Vedic Astrology; how to interpret planetary placements and house lords in both the birth chart and the Navamsa.

Course Description:

This course introduces the student to Prashna (Horary Astrology) and Muhurta (Electional Astrology).

Prashna is the art of perceiving the relation between the question that arises in the mind and the planetary patterns of the heavens at that moment. Prashna utilizes a chart of the moment to judge an answer to a specific question. We will discuss what constitutes a valid question that can be answered by the Jyotishi, when questions should be dismissed, and what constitutes a valid moment to cast the chart. Tajika aspects and Yogas that are used in Prashna will be taught and Baaladi Avasthas will be reviewed.

Muhurta is the art of electing the most auspicious time to do something. Rather than interpreting a chart as we do in Jataka (Natal Astrology) we are choosing the chart for what we are commencing. This includes major life events like getting married, purchasing property, starting a business, travel, and important ceremonies. It is also used for when to begin a remedial measure or have surgery. Muhurta helps to minimize or modify the weak or afflicted planets and houses in our natal chart, by choosing the most auspicious times to engage in their affairs. The Panchanga (five limbs of the Hindu almanac) has an intimate bearing on fixing auspicious times and will be taught. Also the 21 Adverse Yogas and their neutralizations will be taught along with Special Yogas used in Muhurta.


Class Meeting 1: Tajika Concepts for Prashna

Overview of Prashna; what constitutes a valid question & when questions should be dismissed; what constitutes a horary moment; Tajika aspects & meanings; Identifying the Lagnesha (Lagna Lord) and Karayesha (House Lord Signifying the Matter); Identifying applying & separating aspects, Translation of Light, Ithasala Yoga and its cancellations; Easarapha or Ishrafa Yoga; Naktha Yoga; Yamaya Yoga; Kamboola Yoga.

Class Meeting 2: First, Second & Third House Questions

During weeks two through five, we will continue to work with concepts introduced in week one as we follow along the horary examples in the Prashna Tantra and some from the instructor's own files.

Class Meeting 3: Fourth, Fifth & Sixth House Questions

Class Meeting 4: Seventh, Eight & Ninth House Questions

Class Meeting 5: Tenth, Eleventh & Twelfth House Questions

Class Meeting 6: The Panchanga in Muhurta part 1

The first three limbs of the Panchanga will be discussed - Vara (week day), Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra. The Nakshatra portion of class covers which Nakshatras are best for which events. Review of the Janma Tara & Tara Bala and discussion of its importance in choosing not only the best Nakshatras for the events, but also the Nakshatras that are good for the person the Muhurta is for. Discussion on importance of the sympathetic connection of the Muhurta to the birth chart. The student will choose a real-life upcoming event to do a Muhurta for themselves or someone they know to work on during weeks six through eight.

Class Meeting 7: The Panchanga in Muhurta part 2

Karana, Luni-Solar Yogas, Special Yogas, and discussion on how to sort through the panchanga for auspicious days for various electionals like getting married, buying a house, travel, beginning treatment, installing a deity, and beginning various types of education.

Class Meeting 8: The 21 Adverse Yogas, their Neutralizations in Muhurta

In addition to discussing these, we will also discuss how to cast the time of the chart on the chosen day. Students will complete their Muhurta to present in class next week.

Class Meeting 9: Presentation of Muhurta

Students present their Muhurtas in class.

An at home final exam will be given at the end of this class that has a question and answer section and a practical application section on the Prashna & Muhurta concepts learned in this course.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:

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Suggested/supplemental materials:

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Class Offerings and Registration:
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