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Take Your Astrology Readings to the Next Level

5 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: Designed for Professional Astrologers & Advanced Students. A working knowledge of chart delineation is necessary. Astrological techniques will not be taught.

Course Description:

This course gives you tools you can incorporate into your readings that will make a positive impact on your clients. Anyone who wants to create deeper more meaningful conversations, more powerful readings and help clients reach their goals should take this course.


Class Meeting 1: Important tools to incorporate into your practice:

Curiosity, listening intuitively, challenging, accountability, feedback, metaphors. We’ll explore the significance of each 1 and demonstrate the power of each. Clients come to us with their story that tends to keep them stuck. As a result, taking active steps towards change is next to impossible. Even though the astrology reading resonates deeply with the client, a decisive course of action to bring about change is needed. When you include these tools you will be able to help your clients get unstuck and move forward.

Class Meeting 2: Being fully present - listening and Intuition

It’s important to connect with the energy, listen to what is not being said by listening a deep level. This means shutting off the analytical, problem solving left brain. There’s a tremendous difference from listening at Level 3 and Level 1. Level 3 listening is where we can provide the most benefit. Intuition and the body.

Class Meeting 3: Managing the Saboteur AKA Saturn

Whenever there’s change on the horizon, the saboteur kicks in. It’s important to recognize the voice of the saboteur so you can help your clients with their own. Otherwise, it can take over and run the show. Listening for the voice of the saboteur is key and knowing how to quiet it down.

Class Meeting 4: What is Your Dream?

Connect with your own vision or dream – guided mediation with Neptune 5 years into the future. Who do you want to be – someone who has all the answers, provides expert advice,solutions, insight, and intuition? Or do you want to help your clients find their own solutions? Or perhaps it’s a combination of the above?

Class Meeting 5: Group Exercise

This is where we learn from each other. What potential do we see in each other’s charts and what gifts do we bring to our practice? We’ll also look at how challenges in the natal chart are also your gifts. We’ll provide insight to each other, suggest new ideas to consider for the purpose of empowering each other to move forward.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


Suggested/supplemental materials:


Class Offerings and Registration:
This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

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