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House Rulerships, the Key to Unlocking the Deeper Story of the Chart

4 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: none

Course Description:

Explore the psychological implications of the planets, as they relate to the houses they rule in the chart. This is a powerful and important technique, often overlooked in Modern Astrology, to understand our opportunities and feelings of limitation. Discover a person's perspective on each area of life. Why do we repeatedly attract the same kind of experiences, how do we break through old patterns, and how can we shift that energy! The students are encouraged to share their personal birth information, and we will use our charts in class.


Class Meeting 1: Light your inner FIRE!

The Ascendent, fifth and ninth house rulers uncover what is generating our sense of passion, vitality, creative self expression and our belief system. What is the spark that drives us? In this lesson we will gain clues about what will help us to take direct action and tips for how to market ourselves in the world.

Class Meeting 2: Show me the money!

The rulers of the Mid heaven, second and sixth houses indicate what we can use to generate resources, have stability in our daily routine, and what and how to offer our skills in our community. Understanding the planets that rule these houses can show us what is blocking or helping us to build our success and sense of physical well being in the world.

Class Meeting 3: Why do I have to kiss so many frogs?

The planetary rulers of the Descendant, third, and eleventh houses indicate why we may repeat some relationship patterns and what we can do to shift that energy. Feel like you have a book in you? We will talk about what subjects might flow freely, and where the writer's block might originate from. We will also talk about the concept of “tribe” and how to find yours.

Class Meeting 4: Life, The Universe and Everything...

The IC, eighth, and twelfth houses represent the parts of life that cause us to delve deep within ourselves... the rulers of these houses show us what generates home and a sense of belonging, impact our ability to share, trust and set boundaries, and offer tools to empower us. We will also look at what may generate a sense of loss or disillusionment and offer opportunity for deep spiritual healing.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


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