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The Venus Phases - Our Broader, Richer, Deeper Self

4 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of astrology

Course Description:

​This course offers us a deeper relationship with and understanding ​into our essential Feminine (​rather than​ female) energy, enormously relevant in this era of disconnection and anesthetized relationships. You'll walk away with more of an embodied knowing of Venus, based on your intellectual understanding and felt experience of her Phases.​

Venus by sign, house and aspects on our chart signifies our personal femininity (equally in both women and men). Yet the Venus Phase into which we were born speaks directly to our Feminine Dharma: specifically how our personal femininity (natal Venus) plays an integral role in our collective feminine embodiment, always for the benefit of humanity and our planet in needed ways.

In this course, we'll first frame the relationship between our personal or individual Feminine Self and our Feminine Dharma and discover the ways they are always working and co-influencing each other. Next we'll role up our sleeves and deep-dive into each of Venus' 13 Phases - the chart and sky of each. We'll investigate Venus' important Sky Factors, like speed, brightness, Earth proximity and more and learn how they combine in the Sky to formulate the essential meanings of each Phase. Attendee charts will be used throughout to demonstrate how to delineate the Phases within the context of individual birth charts.


Class Meeting 1: Framing the Feminine Dharma

Class Meeting 2: Venus Phases & Sky Factors

Class Meeting 3: Venus Phases & Sky Factors

Class Meeting 4: Venus Phases & Sky Factors

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:

The following required materials are NOT available through the IAA online shopping areas, but may be available elsewhere:

  • Venus Phase Ephemeris, by Adam Gainsburg
    FREE with registration - will be emailed to you

Suggested/supplemental materials:

The following suggested and supplementary materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

Class Offerings and Registration:
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