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Academic Departments

IAA course offerings are organized into a number of different departments which specialize in different areas of instruction. Select a department below for more information or to browse its course offerings.

Department of Preliminary Education

Are you new to astrology? Have you discovered that there is more to astrology than the Sun-sign column? Do you believe in astrology and would you like to expand your knowledge and ability to understand a chart?

The Department of Preliminary Education has been established for you. It is an independent section of the campus. These classes are created by Gary Caton. IAA is very proud to have the veteran astrology instructor Gary Caton on its staff. He has a gift for breaking down sophisticated concepts into practical everyday language which people can relate ... [read more...]

Professional Astrology Diploma

IAA’s Professional Astrology Diploma Department is a three year diploma program that teaches modern and classical side by side for a well-rounded educational experience that is unique to IAA. Graduates of IAA’s Professional Astrology Diploma Department can delineate a natal chart for personality as well as assess the strength of planets for predictions in all areas of life, where most schools offer only one or the other point of view to chart interpretation. Throughout the program the IAA instructors help the student to develop both astro-speak and client-speak because it is one thing to judge the affects of a ... [read more...]

Departamento de Enseñanza en el Idioma Español

El departamento de enseñanza en el idioma de español de IAA ofrece un curso completo de astrología dirigido a las personas que quieran conocer y entender profundamente esta ciencia, así como para aquellas que busquen obtener los conocimientos necesarios para posteriormente poder presentar los exámenes de certificación de diferentes asociaciones astrológicas


Este curso marca el inicio de un maravilloso camino que nos conduce al conocimiento de una de las ciencias con mayor reconocimiento en la antigüedad: La ASTROLOGÍA.

... [read more...]

Department of Professional Modules for Specialized Training

Professional Modules

IAA's Professional Modules in this department are for specialization in specific areas of astrology. The Professional Modules are open to IAA graduates, Practicing Professionals, and some require no prior knowledge of astrology as they teach you the tradition from the beginning. Please see the specific prerequisites for the Professional Modules you are interested in.

IAA's Audio Visual Classrooms

Classes meet once a week for 1.5 hours in real time from your home pc. You will be provided with a link for GoToMeeting where the instructor will share his/her ... [read more...]

Pocket Courses

We are offering a Pocket size of our IAA courses. These courses will allow you to hone in on certain proficiencies that may be lacking in your interpretations, or it may simply be a method that you are curious about exploring.

Individual Courses will be somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks in length, will be on specific skills, such as techniques or history or professional skills, and we will not require homework. There will be a Moodle Discussion Forum for extra classroom participation. We do require that you have a firm understanding of ... [read more...]

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