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Dorothy Oja, C.A.P.

Dorothy Oja, C.A.P.: Instructor

Dorothy Oja is a career astrologer and astrological professional consulting through her practice MINDWORKS. Dorothy's experience spans over three decades of study and working with an international clientele. She holds certification as an ISAR C.A.P., Dorothy is an exciting, knowledgeable lecturer and has presented her material worldwide at numerous conferences. She's authored two computer interpretive reports: Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic Relationships, aother for Business or Friendship Relationships. She is writing a new report on her methods for Davison Relationship Charts and one on a method she developed called Planetary Resonance. Since 1997, she has published, Planet Weather, a free weekly ezine, also posted on her website. The most recent addition to her skills is a weekly Podcast, click the button and listen on her website. Dorothy's primary interest lies in assisting individuals in practical and honest self-evaluation to maximize their greatest potential and deepest desires, while understanding the spiritual imperatives of their birth chart. Dorothy's specialties include: Research dates for surgery, business, weddings, etc., relationship analysis and the Davison Relationship Chart, political/mundane interpretation, and child profiles. Her community service includes: former Chair of AFAN's Legal Information Committee, and ISAR's Ethics Initiative development, Chair of ISAR Ethics Mediation Committee, and currently ISAR Board member and part of the ISAR Ethics Education Committee.

Dorothy Oja, C.A.P.

Current IAA classes taught by Dorothy Oja, C.A.P.:
DPL08 Professionalism/Ethics In Astrology
Tuesday, 08:00 pm - 09:30 pm, U.S. Eastern

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