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Stephanie Soibelman

Stephanie Soibelman: Instructor

Stephanie grew up in Southern California in the 1960’s in close proximity to Los Angeles. She now resides in Boulder Colorado, yet is forever a Californian at heart.
As a little girl, Stephanie had two wishes. One was to sparkle like the ladies on TV, and the other wish was to become the magical witch Sabrina, portrayed on “Bewitched”.
These wishes came true for her. The first one began at the age of 17 when she became a licensed Cosmetologist, as she was able to dress very sparkly at work whenever she wanted to. The second wish came later in life when she obtained her BA degree in astrology; learning from some of the most gifted astrologers in existence. Then she grasped the precise and influential magic of astrology.

Before it was trendy, Stephanie was over-enthusiastic when it came to the natural health movement. At the age of 15, she went on a ‘cleanse’ for 5 days to detoxify. On the final day of her ‘fast’ her attitude on living in a three-dimensional reality changed forever; experiencing a mystical (Neptunian) event. At the time, she didn’t quite know what had happened, but read about this type of occurrence in a number of “New Age” books a few years later.

Stephanie began her astrology studies as a teenager, and was mostly self-taught. Years later, she went back to school and earned her BA in East/West Cosmological Studies from Kepler College. In fact she was a part of the very last graduating class of the academic program. She has also studied with Steven Forrest in his internship program, and received a Level 1 Certification.

Stephanie maintains an astrological practice using the traditional techniques used for Electional, Horary, and Medical astrology. She also blends her knowledge of Evolutionary astrology into her natal readings.

Stephanie Soibelman

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