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Kathleen R. Erickson, Dipl. IAA

Kathleen R. Erickson, Dipl. IAA: Instructor

One night, when I was in my late-twenties and working in a used book store, a hard cover pair of ephemerides showed up to be shelved. Knowing nothing about astrology, I felt intrigued by the columns of numbers and sensed some odd pull to my destiny. Although I bought the volumes and pondered them a bit, I soon put them aside for lack of understanding. Many years later, during an especially challenging period, I encountered my first astrologer, the “counselor of last resort”. Having not enough money for a complete reading, I elected for “Current Transits and Progressions”, hoping, of course, to find out if life would ever get better. Soon thereafter, at Jupiter’s return, I joined a local introductory astrology class and began an adventure which would lead eventually to IAA.

Having worked thirty years in social services with community mental health and hospital intensive care, I am looking forward now to a focus on astrology and Reiki energy work in my private practice and teaching. My home is in the desert outside Tucson, Arizona, where I live with my partner Lauren and our sweet border collie Jess. We enjoy hearing saguaros sing in the breezes, walking dirt trails as the sun rises red on the hills, and looking into the far distances of land and sky.

Kathleen R. Erickson, Dipl. IAA

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