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William B. McCracken

William B. McCracken: Instructor

Bill is a licensed clinical social worker, internationally certified drug and alcohol counselor and a nationally board certified clinical hypnotherapist. He is also a Dharma Teacher in the Zen tradition.

Bill has always had an interest in astrology, starting at a young age when he started reading his mother’s books he found in the basement which included several books on astrology and Edgar Cayce. He has always known the sun signs of friends and family, and began noticing similarities between their personalities and the characteristics of their sun signs. Many years later, in clinical practice, Bill again began to see similarities of clients' personalities and their sun signs. His interest in Eastern esoteric traditions drew him into a curiosity about Western esoteric traditions such as Hermeticism, which he soon discovered had astrology as the heart of this tradition.

Bill then began his study of astrology which included a desire to blend Eastern philosophy and psychology, Western philosophy and psychology, and astrology into a working system that would help him delve more deeply into the helping process with his clients.

Bill plans on using both modern psychological aspects of astrology as well as more traditional methods of astrology as the foundation for his astrology practice.

William B. McCracken

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