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Priority announcement If you missed the August 2015 free lecture, "Astrology and Gemstones Part 2" with Donna Van Toen, don't despair, the recording is now available from the IAA Public libraries for the nominal price of $9.95. Click here to obtain your copy
Priority announcement Please note that registration for the free Monthly Lectures does not guarantee a place, but only provides the link to the lecture. If you want to make sure of a "seat" be there early as it is the first 25 people to arrive who are guaranteed a seat in the room. However if you miss out, don't despair. The full video recording of the lecture is always available for a nominal fee within 24 hours, so you won't miss out.
Priority announcement Don't miss the September free lecture, "Hidden Souls – Bringing Addictive Behavior to Light" with Linda Furiate on Saturday 5 September at 6:00 pm EDT, 10:00 pm GMT and 8:00 am Sunday 6th AEST. Full details on main page.
Standard announcement We have astrological software for MACs and PCs: Astrolabe, Cosmic Patterns, AIR, Time Cycles, more!
Standard announcement ASTROLOGÍA-Camino de Luz - Mónica G. Escalante Ochoa...Es decir para que la astrologia sea para el lector un camino que lo lleve a encontrar su luz interior, la luz de las otras personas y finalmente la luz divina.
Standard announcement Astrological/astronomical dictionary - 400+ terms, with illustrations
Standard announcement Personal Chart Reports, including natal and transits, Optimum Child, EroScope - check 'em out!
Standard announcement Have you missed any of the free monthly lecture programs? The full video recordings of all past lectures are available in the Resources section, under Public libraries, Essays, Live Lectures and Workshops. Or click here.
Standard announcement Free download of the BDTB-3 post-conference eCatalogue, a complete record of the conference.
Standard announcement Articles, Live Lectures and Workshops Library...Click on often for new material!
Standard announcement ON SALE NOW: Julene Packer-Louis presenting Astronomy 101. This lecture covers the great circles of the horoscope & personal sensitive points, mechanics of the seasons and retrogradation, the inferior & superior conjunctions of Mercury & Venus along with their greatest elongations, the correlation of Venus & the pentagram and more. Astronomy software will be used to show where to find the planets tonight. Click here to get your copy of this great lecture.
Standard announcement ¡Descubre y aprende; ahora en tu idioma Español; el maravilloso mundo de la Astrologia!
Standard announcement Don't know more astrology than the Sun-Sign column...Start at the beginning in the capable hands of GARY CATON!!
Standard announcement Join IAA Subscribers and the Conjunction Group for an astrological lecture on the first Saturday of every month. It begins at 10 p.m. GMT. Check IAA's Home Page for this month's topic!
Standard announcement Natal Studies and Diploma Modules are open for registration. Register now for any course within these modules or any of the elective courses. Click here to read more or to register
Standard announcement Links to other interesting astrology sites
Standard announcement IAA's Book Store has Jim Maynard's 2015 Calendars & Datebooks! Search "Jim Maynard" when you arrive in Shopping Area. (Reduced shipping cost for US orders!)
Standard announcement There are nearly 200 video classes on every astrology topic imagineable available for download in the BDTB conference recording and Essays and Live Lectures libraries. This is more than 300 hours of information from the world's top astrologers. Click here to browse. You won't be disappointed
Standard announcement DON'T FORGET that IAA is Not-for-profit and your tax-deductible, charitable donation is always welcomed... PLEASE help IAA maintain its high standards and the quality of its education! Your thoughtful donation can assure that qualified astrologers will take the place of the charlatan, raising the social status of astrology in our world!
Standard announcement The video recordings of all the past free lectures plus many others are available for purchase. Click here to browse.

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