Chat with Lynn Koiner

As part of the free Saturday lecture series, Lynn Koiner gives a fascinating insight into using the natal chart to maintain good health and find the potential for disease.

Depression: The Acute Mars Dysfunction by Lynn Koiner

Everyone gets depressed now and then. Mars by sign and house indicates how and why we get depressed, and it also shows how to get out of a depression. Some research information on severe depression will be included.

The 12th House with Lynn Koiner

The 12th House represents issues, qualities and traits that have become repressed in the personality. Planets in this house represent traits and qualities that were deemed intolerable to be expressed by a parent — they were intimidating to a parent, and the individual learned to repress these qualities and feelings. This is a super-powerful house, … Continue reading “The 12th House with Lynn Koiner”

The Progressed Moon with Lynn Koiner

In this lecture I will discuss the progressed Moon’s Perigee and Apogee periods in a person’s life together with the minor aspects such as the septile, quintile etc.