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Sporting Events with Lee Lehman

The way to pick a winner depends on the dynamics of the sport in question. This lecture considers what factors produce different winning signatures. It also takes up a number of factors which sporting statistics can address, such as the magnitude of the relocation effect.

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The Book of Rulerships-Keywords for Classical Astrology by Dr. J.Lee Lehman, Ph.D.

With the problems raised by modern interpretations of the planets, both inner and outer,it is time to return to a more extensive study of classical sources on rulership. A systematic source for determining the classical rulership for something, this reference is an adjunct for anyone practicing classical style horary, or wishing to add clissical methods […]

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Classical Solar Returns by J. Lee Lehman

Solar returns employ the astrological technique of reading the next year’s activity for a chart calculated for when the transiting Sun returns to its natal position. Almost every Western astrologer has tried to use solar returns. However, there have been so many methods proposed, that the beginner in this technique is often bewildered about how […]

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