A Fascinating Quest for Alexander’s the Great Birth Chart with Thomas Gazis


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Apart from his marvellous deeds, there is something more to Alexander. Some very unusual charisma seems to ever emanate out of this unique personality, a charisma which we can still feel today, 2300 years later. Actually, there are so many heroic and – at the same time – tragic archetypes enacted in Alexander’s saga that we tend to transform this man into a mythical figure, into a sort of Achilles. But while Achilles is probably no more than a fictitious character, a “cartoon” Alexander has been a real, “flesh and blood” person like us. For all of us dealing with astrology it would be obvious to ask whether the astrological chart of Alexander the Great has been preserved. Could there be, for example, any archaeological finds in Macedonia (a region in Northern Greece) in the fatherland of Alexander the Great, related to his horoscope? The fact is that neither in Macedonia nor in any other part of Greece have elements of that period (even remotely alluding to astrology) ever been found. There are a couple of supposedly Alexander’s the Great charts published in the 17th century but those are a forgery. Our last option would be to find out his date of birth and consequently cast his horoscope based on it.