Astro Star Kards by Arlene Asin, Sheryl Simon and Lauren. Kricheff

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The Astro Star Kards- Astrological Study Aid & Divination Cards for the New Millennium, are a deck of 90 Astrology cards and 91 page instruction book that makes Astrology fun and easy to learn. The Planet and House cards have a simple picture to reinforce the key words found on each card, and the Sign and Aspect cards have a large bold glyph (astrological symbol). They are color coordinated to make the Elements easy to remember, as well as having different linear backgrounds to aid in memorizing the Qualities. These cards are being used around the world as a teaching aid and learning tool!Astro Star Kards are also designed to be used as an Oracle or for Divination. These cards, unlike the Tarot, a simpler to use, and even with very little Astrology knowledge, the can be unbelievably accurate.


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