British Royalty: Third Edition by Diane and Rudy Flack


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After you have been “introduced” to the royalty of Scotland, England and Great Britain, through tales, legends and Hollywood, study their charts in this book to see actual history at work with planetary energies.

Dianne and Rudy Flack have researched the Royals of England and Scotland, from the 11th century, when birth data as well as lineage began to be preserved, to the present. They have provided charts only for the individuals for whom birth data could be located, and the time of the birth event was used when available. Rectified charts have been created when birth times were not available and are noted as such with a source listing; speculative charts are also noted and accompanied by the source. Short vignettes of each Royal have been written from historical records, including those with no charts.

This book is available presently as an e-Book exclusively from OCA Publishing. Check for other available publications by Diane and Rudy Flack.


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