Easy Predictions with Solar Returns by Deanna Rose


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The SOLAR RETURN is a surprisingly accurate technique for predicting events for the year ahead. It is about setting goals that you will actually accomplish. The technique can be used with the birth data of people, nations, and even markets.

Deanna Rose is the author, and she has designed the book to provide you with the guidelines for reading a Solar Return chart. Her timing methods will help you pinpoint to within a few days events for individual charts.

Deanna’s little e-book is outstanding and worth its weight in gold. This is the 6th reprint of her revised 1984 edition. The only changes are the typeface and a few added directions.

The art of prediction is the astrologer’s stock in trade. There are dozens of methods. One is the Solar Return. It is a very old technique and our first documented evidence of its use is by Vettius Valens in 300 C.E.


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