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6 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: None

Course Description:

Basic Astrology is an introductory course for students without any previous knowledge of Astrology. It is designed to help students learn the basics of Astrology. Each lesson builds upon the other preparing the student for advanced studies in IAA’s Professional Training Department. You’ll learn that Astrology is more than your Sun Sign! You’ll also learn that the placements of the planets on the day you were born gives insight into your character and potential.


Class Meeting 1: Introduction to the Astrological Chart and the two Zodiacs.

Students will learn the formation of the chart relating to the Sun’s apparent journey around our planet. You will be introduced to the hemispheric division of the chart learning about the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and to a person’s temperament as it relates to the hemispheres.

Class Meeting 2: This lesson continues with the Hemispheres.

This lesson continues with the hemispheres introducing the East and West Hemispheres and students learn the personal temperaments reflected in the East and West Hemispheres where we begin to focus on the awareness of Self and Others.

Class Meeting 3: Introducing the Quadrants and the Houses

We continue the unfolding of the Astrological Chart in this lesson combining the hemispheres and introducing the Quadrants, the Houses in each Quadrant, and the areas of life the Houses represent. We learn how to identify which Quadrants in our charts are most populated and what this signifies.

Class Meeting 4: The Signs of the Zodiac and their Glyphs

The Signs of the Zodiac and their Glyphs are presented along with the nature and characteristics of the Signs. Students learn the common features of each Glyph and how to identify them by the Sign they represent.

Class Meeting 5: The Modalities and the Elements

The Modalities, also called Quadruplicities, and the Elements, known too as Triplicities, are introduced and students learn that every sign has its own unique combination of Modes, Elements and the energies associated with each and how this sets the rhythms and qualities of the energies of the signs.

Class Meeting 6: The Planets and Their Glyphs.

The first half of this lesson introduces the Personal Planets and their Glyphs. Students will first become familiar with the roles of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, planet Rulers and, begin to understand the planets as the building blocks of Astrology.

In this second half, we continue with discovering the remaining planets, the Social Planets and the Transpersonal Planets. We present an in-depth analysis of the largest planets in our solar system - Jupiter and Saturn - and how they reflect our relationship to our environment. We then explore the Transpersonal planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – and their affect on our lives and connection to historical events.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


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Class Offerings and Registration:
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