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NAT-5 Astronomy & Other Bodies

9 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: NAT-1, NAT-2, NAT-3, NAT-4

Course Description:

This course teaches relevant astronomy along with the delineation of asteroids, fixed stars and more. Chart delineation expands to include the usage of derived houses and introduces theme building through assessing areas of life.


Class Meeting 1: The Zodiacs & Systems of Measurement

Class Meeting 2: Celestial Latitude & Planetary Nodes

Class Meeting 3: Elongation, Altitude, Declination, Parallels & Antiscia

Class Meeting 4: Ptolemaic Cosmos & Fixed Stars

Class Meeting 5: Chiron & 4 Main Asteroids

Class Meeting 6: Lots of Fortune & Spirit

Class Meeting 7: Derived Houses & Derivative Charts

Class Meeting 8: Chart Practicum – Focus on Career

Class Meeting 9: Final Exam

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:

The following required materials are NOT available through the IAA online shopping areas, but may be available elsewhere:

  • NAT-5 Astronomy & Other Bodies Course Book
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Suggested/supplemental materials:


Class Offerings and Registration:
This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

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