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PSM-1 Forecasting: Pinpointing Major Themes; Timing Techniques & Consultation

12 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: Must have completed the Natal Studies Module. Due to the amount of homework in this class it is not recommended that you take another class with this one.

Course Description:

This course introduces transits and various ways to move the chart in time. Modern and Classical forecasting and timing techniques are covered. The student will work with 3 case study events as they build the event theme via the techniques relevant to delivering a modern astrology consultation. The student will use the same three case study events to build the theme via the techniques relevant to delivering a classical astrology consultation. Techniques that are used in both approaches will be covered comparatively in their weeks.

By the end of the course students will have the tools necessary to provide yearly client readings with their forecasts within the year.


Class Meeting 1: Annual and Monthly Profections

Class Meeting 2: Firdaria and Zodiacal Releasing

Class Meeting 3: Classical Solar Returns

Class Meeting 4: Modern Solar Returns and math used to calculate them

Class Meeting 5: The Math and Theory behind Secondary Progressions

Class Meeting 6: Interpreting Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions

Class Meeting 7: More progressions: Tertiary and Minor progressions and primary directions.

Class Meeting 8: Midterm Exam

Class Meeting 9: Eclipses

Class Meeting 10: Timing with the overlay of Transits with other techniques

Class Meeting 11: Client preparation & Consultation Practice

Class Meeting 12: Final Exam

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:

The following required materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

Suggested/supplemental materials:

The following suggested and supplementary materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

Class Offerings and Registration:
This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

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