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DPL-14 Mundane Astrology

6 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: NAT-1 - NAT-7 and PSM-1 in the Professional Studies Module or knowledge of topics taught therein.

Course Description:

Mundane astrology has its origin in antiquity and is generally seen as the birth of Astrology. Rich in cosmological folk lore it draws it principles from the correlation between astronomical sequences and events affecting large groups of people. Today mundane astrology is the study of global and national events, which also embraces the study of Astrocartography and Astro-meteorology. The course focuses on the astronomical events, which effect groups of people – Queens, Kings and Nations, cultures, states and cities.

Requirements: Computer Programs: Students will be expected to generate the following types of charts and printout: ingresses, eclipses, transits, and Astrocartography maps. Programs which would perform these functions include Solar Fire, Kepler, Sirius, and AstroGold (desktop version). Homework: All homework is due 48 hours before the next class. Two-page essays are ideal, but content is more important than length. If you have more to say, go for it. If it’s short, that can be fine, too.


Class Meeting 1: Ecliptic, History, Cultures, Zodiacal signs and Dignities

Class Meeting 2: Mundane houses, House division-Derivation, Sectors & Quadrants

Class Meeting 3: Planets as Archetypes, Topical affairs, and Geo-political affairs

Class Meeting 4: Planetary cycles, Synodic cycles, Helical rise & fall

Class Meeting 5: Great Conjunctions, Ingress, and Lunation’s

Class Meeting 6: Horoscopic Correctness, Prognostication, Predictive techniques

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


Suggested/supplemental materials:


Class Offerings and Registration:
1 class offering is currently scheduled for this course.

Meets: Sunday, 06:00 pm - 07:30 pm, U.S. Eastern
First class date: September 13, 2020
Instructor: Gregory E Clare
Tuition: $387.00

Final registration: Closes on September 20, 2020

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