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Intro to Medical Astrology

6 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Astrology

Course Description:

Course One introduces the student to Lynn Koiner's personal technique of researching a disease and developing a disease profile. The students will provide data for one or two diseases. Lynn will write up a 12-20 page profile on the disease with the connection with an unexpressed childhood trauma, astrological triggers (transits and progressions), astrological signatures and remedy suggestions.

Lynn's theory is that the root of all major diseases can be found in the Cardinal – Fixed – Mutable signs which can be determined from the natal chart and from the transits at the onset of the disease. Issues connected with the liver, the lobes of the liver and food intolerances will be discussed. The health issues that are generally associated with the Signs from Lynn's personal observation will be discussed in the 1st class.

Health issues associated with Jupiter through Pluto, Transpluto, Chiron and several asteroids will be discussed. The medical asteroids that Lynn uses are Hygiea, Astarea, and Ceres. She will show how to identify childhood trauma periods that may contributed to future health issues.

Many Houses are connected with health issues and these will be discussed. I give hundreds of pages of handouts with articles by myself and some other sources. This includes William Tucker’s research on outer planet aspects to the natal Sun, the Chakras and emotions.

All along Lynn will be analyzing the Disease Charts submitted by the students. At this point in the studies, the students will not be required to write a Profile. This will be done by the instructor in Courses One and Two.

The student will be required to obtain birth data for a research subject, the onset of the disease and conduct an interview about a contributing childhood trauma and the psychological events occurring at the time of onset.

All starting times below are listed in Eastern Time and are possibly negotiable with the instructor of the course. Please use the guide on the Home Page to help you adjust your time to your particular time zone.

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Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


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