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Intro to Medical Astrology

6 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Astrology

Course Description:

Students will learn the technique for researching Disease. Students will be provided with resources for research with handouts (about 100 pages in all). This course will teach How Most Diseases Begin; Health Themes of Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable signs; the Liver and other body rulerships; Food Allergies and Disease We will be using the students’ charts. One chart should be obtained for a specific disease. We will go over the steps for evaluating a disease. What to look at in the chart: Astrological onset factors; psychological events around time of onset; trigger aspect (transits, solar arc, progressions). Your instructor will do all of this in the first course. While we are evaluating the students' charts, I will add information on Transpluto and its impact upon health and techniques using Signs & Chiron & Hygiea I will discuss the vulnerability indicated by the signs and healing issues indicated by the Houses. Material from William Tucker will be provided on Sun Sign with outer planet aspects. An important technique is detecting the timing of a childhood trauma period that has led to the future disease. This technique is essential to passing the course.

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Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


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