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Medical Transits and Progressions

6 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Astrology

Course Description:

This Course will discuss the transits and progressions that trigger disease -- transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Transpluto and Chiron and how they affect health in general.

  • Introduction the Etheric Body Material

  • Solar Arc Progressions Secondary Sun and Ascendant changing signs and Transiting Saturn on ASC – vulnerable period

  • Mars Cycles and Moon in opposite sign

  • Mars Signs and Cell Salt Imbalances

Natal Patterns when involved at Disease Onset. These patterns do not signify disease but, when they are active by Transit, Secondary Progression and Solar Arc directions at the time of a disease’s onset, they are important.

  1. Physical and Psychological source of the problem
  2. Duration of the illness
  3. Working with the use of the planetary energies can help avoid future disease
  4. In this Course, I will discuss Planetary Patterns and how they impact health:

    • Stelliums – how to handle their energy so that you do not become ill
    • Cross and T-Square – when an outer planet enters these patterns at time of Onset
    • Planetary Singleton and vulnerability
    • Coping with the inconjunct
    • Intercepted Signs, Cell Salts and Health Susceptibilities
    • NOTE: This is a handout and the material will be for discussion
    • Illness Hours – this is a handout only

      All starting times below are listed in Eastern Time and are possibly negotiable with the instructor of the course. Please use the guide on the Home Page to help you adjust your time to your particular time zone.

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Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


Suggested/supplemental materials:


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