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Foundations in Evolutionary Astrology

9 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: familiarity of the basics of planets

Course Description:

Evolutionary astrology assumes that spiritual growth progresses through a succession of lifetimes. The chart is seen as a meaningful representation of the spiritual work and lessons being addressed in the current life. We'll explore how to understand how a chart reveals the outstanding issues from the past that are in need of resolution, as well as delineate soul intentions for future growth. There'll be an emphasis on natal chart placements, with an introduction to the evolutionary meaning of transits and progressions. Some familiarity with the basics would be helpful.


Class Meeting 1: Shifting Lenses: Viewing the chart from the evolutionary framework

This first class will serve as an introduction. We'll get to know each other and explore the work ahead. Eric will demonstrate his core evolutionary approach with a sample chart.

Class Meeting 2: The Moon

This class will discuss the Moon's central relevance from the evolutionary view. Seen as the absorbed basin of our spiritual experience, it is our foundation. We'll contrast an evolutionary understanding of the Moon with the more conventional view and see that they are in fact complimentary.

Class Meeting 3: The Sun

The Sun will be discussed as the central energy of spiritual awakening, as a process of becoming. We'll look at both egoic and transpersonal levels in understanding the Sun.

Class Meeting 4: The South Node

This class will focus on the South Node of the Moon and define it's meaning as the central habits and patterns in the soul. Through aspects and rulership, we'll explore how this important evolutionary point is connected into a chart.

Class Meeting 5: The North Node

This class will do the same for the North Node of the Moon.

Class Meeting 6: The Inner & Social Planets

Guidelines for understanding the evolutionary importance of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn.

Class Meeting 7: The Outer Planets

This class will present some guidelines in understanding the significance of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto from this approach.

Class Meeting 8: Transits & Progressions

Some basics for understanding current activity to a chart from this perspective.

Class Meeting 9: Synthesis

This class will review and summarize the class and use several charts for examples.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:

The following required materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

Suggested/supplemental materials:

The following suggested and supplementary materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

Class Offerings and Registration:
This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

Please note: In addition to the tuition fee, this class registration is subject to a non-refundable $75.00 administrative fee ($27.00 administrative fee for Pocket Courses). Please also read our tuition refund policy.

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