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DPL-7 Classical Medical Astrology

9 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: This course is one of the electives for Professional Training students to become a graduate. It can be taken in any order after the completion of NAT-7 and is included in the Diploma Module. If you are not IAA Diploma Program student, just want to audit the class without having to do a homework and pass an exam, and don't need a credit for this class, register for the same class under "Class offering" > "Lectures, Workshops, and Pocket Classes" for a lower price.

Course Description:

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to medical astrological principles and techniques. The goal is to instill within students the ability to utilize these techniques and theories in a variety of contexts or applications that increase awareness of the relationship between the body and astrology. As a result, the information empowers the student and prospective clients with better information and insight into their own wellbeing and timing in health related matters.
Ryhan Butler


Class Meeting 1: Melothesia: The Stars in the Body

A basic astrological axiom states: “As above so below, as below so above”. Nowhere is this statement truer than in the relationship between the body and astrology. This initial lesson explores the connections between the signs and planets with the parts and processes of the body within the medieval medical framework.

Class Meeting 2: Temperament: The Balance Within

Continuing from last week, this lesson offers an in depth exploration of the most fundamental indicator of health and disease within the Hippocratic and Galenic systems of medicine; the four temperaments. We’ll explore the effects of the four temperaments on the body and mind, as well as remediation ideas that can begin a path towards wellness.

Class Meeting 3: To Fall Ill: Horary and Decumbiture

The most common method of iatromathematical application, horary astrology provides quick and accurate insight into specific health problems. This section will also cover the exclusively medical decumbiture chart.

Class Meeting 4: Illness in Motion: The Critical Days

Building off of the material from the previous week, the critical days are a medical technique that focus on the Moon’s movement in order to determine the prognosis of an illness in real time. We’ll look into the history and development of this unique application of astrology and look into cases where it may and may not be useful.

Class Meeting 5: A Spoonful of Sugar: Elections and Medicine

In this section, we’ll discuss the basics of electional astrology and how to successfully apply these principles to a variety of medical concerns and fine tune them to the individual needs of a patient.

Class Meeting 6: Seeds and Stars

Diagnostics and prognostics are not the only tools available to us in medical astrology. In this section, we’ll begin discussion of treatment and remediation through Galenic herbal medicine by exploring the Hermetic and Platonic religious and philosophical ideas that make it possible.

Class Meeting 7: Health and Natal Timing

We’ll explore the natal chart to find the mythical hilaj and kadukhudhah which are said to hold the keys to our expected longevity. We’ll combine these medieval length of life indicators with Primary Directions to indicate potential crisis points where health topics are thrust to the forefront of our lives.

Class Meeting 8: Magic and Medicine

Health is not just a concern of the body, but also the soul. We’ll explore astrologically oriented spiritual practices and survey the pantheon of planets, stars, mansions, and decans to learn the best ways to create astrological talismans to protect and cultivate health or heal specific ailments.

Class Meeting 9: Herbal Lab

Combining various aspects of what has already been covered, the final lesson in this course instructs the student in the hands-on preparation of various types of herbal remedies and the astrological configurations under which to prepare them.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


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