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DPL-2 Astrology of Antiquity - Hellenistic Astrology I

6 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: This course is one of the electives for Professional Training students to become a graduate. It can be taken in any order after the completion of NAT-7 and is included in the Diploma Module. If you are not IAA Diploma Program student, just want to audit the class without having to do a homework and pass an exam, and don't need a credit for this class, register for the same class under

Course Description:

The primary content of this first of four 6-week study courses is to present a fundamental and comprehensive introduction to Hellenistic astrological philosophy and techniques. The course is open to everyone: astrology students, hobbyists and professionals.


Class Meeting 1: Astrology of Antiquity - History, Hellenistic ethos and philosophy.

Plato's contribution to the blending of the cultural past, present and future astronomical and astrological expression.

Class Meeting 2: Sect of Light: The Intangible and Tangible.

The division of the 'Horizontal line'. Diurnal and Nocturnal disposition, planet assignment and allotments. The Table of Opposites'.

Class Meeting 3: The Zodiac, 12 Signs:

The Ecliptic and the assignment of the Zodiac, the collective unconscious. Images and archetypes.

Class Meeting 4: Planetary 'Conditions':

Dignities, Rulers-Lords, Exaltations, Detriments and Fall-Depression.

Class Meeting 5: Planets:

Symbols-Planetary meanings, archetypal grammatical use of language. Triplicities and the Diurnal and Nocturnal rulers.

Class Meeting 6: House construct:

Terrestrial correspondence, significance and meaning. The four 'Pivots' and house effectiveness. Social and personal engagement and arrangements.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


Suggested/supplemental materials:


Class Offerings and Registration:
This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

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