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Introduction to Horary Astrology

9 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: None. This class is also offered as one of the elective courses in IAA Diploma course. If you are IAA Diploma students and want to receive a credit for this class, you have to register for this class in

Course Description:

This class will introduce students to essential principles of classical horary astrology. Objectives: * Learn basic principles of horary astrology including: considerations against judgment, chart's radicality, planetary archetypes and their expression, dignities and debilities, and basic rules of judgment. * Get a step-by-step structured and hands on approach to understanding charts' symbolism, while learning to make interpretations with clarity, confidence, and accuracy . * Learn how to make judgments about the important spheres of life: relationships, career, health, or finances, as well as, searching for missing items/people. * Understand more advanced horary techniques such as elemental nature of planets, receptions, and planetary dignities and be able to derive fine and specific detail about each horary question, not just a yes or no answer. * Get to practice on different charts each weak to strengthen the knowledge received. * The unique quality of horary and electional classes offered at the IAA is that Elena teaches how to interpret the charts not just theoretical principles.


Class Meeting 1: History of Horary Astrology, considerations before judgment, identifying significators. Review of house meanings.

Class Meeting 2: Angular placements, house strengths, the Lunar influences in horary.

Class Meeting 3: Planets, essential nature, speeds and profiling in horary interpretation.

Class Meeting 4: Main steps of delineation, dignities and debilities, and timing.

Class Meeting 5: Planetary scoring and receptions.

Class Meeting 6: Relationships charts, main principles and examples.

Class Meeting 7: Career charts, main principles and examples.

Class Meeting 8: Financial charts, missing items charts, main principles and examples.

Class Meeting 9: Medical charts and pregnancy charts, main principles and example.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


Suggested/supplemental materials:


Class Offerings and Registration:
This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

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