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Fate & the Family: patterns through the generations (a four-part series exploring the family legacy through astrological symbols)

4 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: General knowledge of astrology, beginners to advanced

Course Description:

It begins with your family

But soon it comes round to your soul

- Leonard Cohen, “The Sisters of Mercy”

Family feels as if it has a fated quality as profound patterns continuously recur through familial lines, ones we are often compelled to repeat, yet implored to redeem. Through horoscopic patterns in family members’ charts we can trace these inherited patterns. During our four classes we will explore family fate, patterns, shadow and dysfunction that are passed through the family atmosphere. We will also examine astrological DNA - ways in which these patterns can be viewed astrologically through family charts and how these may reveal themselves through astrological symbols. We will draw on ways how to use family stories, images and patterns in our astrological work.

Notes: While you own horoscope will be your guide through the classes it will also be helpful to gather as many family charts (whether biological, adopted, step or half!) as you can of parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and siblings.

I will also send those who register for the classes comprehensive notes.

Suggested Reading: The Family Legacy by Brian Clark



Class Meeting 1: The Family Portrait

We will begin with an overview of the astrology of the family outlining a way to consider parents, siblings, familial members and ancestors using the power of the astrological image and the human imagination. This will include an approach to viewing the horoscope from the perspective of the family.

Class Meeting 2: The Family Circle: Patterns through Time

We begin looking at family patterning and how these patterns may be apparent in our horoscope, addressing the phases of the family and its life cycle as it moves through time. We will place family development in the context of time, reflecting on the psychic power of family timing and trauma, anniversaries and ages.

Class Meeting 3: Working with Astrological Patterns

In this class we will reflect on the template of the family as outlined through different features of the horoscope and how the family patterns are embedded or not in our horoscopes.

Class Meeting 4: Becoming Familiar with the Family Patterns

While we may leave home, leaving the family and its patterning is more complicated since it is reencountered in our adult relationships – we will address the role that applied consciousness to our family patterns plays in depowering the family complexes. As we close our class we will also explore ways to integrate our awareness into our astrological practice.

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


Suggested/supplemental materials:


Class Offerings and Registration:
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