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Embracing the GODDESSES: The Syntactic Environment for Change

4 Class Meetings
Prerequisites: None

Course Description:

To Question or not to Question? THAT is the Question!: The Syntactic Environment for Change PENTA REI τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ Everything flows

In other words, we are in constant flux, constant change. What motivates this change? How much regulation do we have in how we change? Do we change for groups? For loved ones? For society? For friends? For family? When and how exactly do we change FOR OURSELVES??? The important distinctions in these questions are accompanied by the question: how can we assist and accompany our clients to change FOR THEMSELVES? This is, of course, an ever-present question for astrologers, the masters of change. Motivation and understanding of the ebb and flow of cycles and phases are what bring our clients to us. We give explanations, suggestions, tips, recommendations, hints, counsel, advice. We tell stories. We evoke the Gods, Goddesses and Demons as symbolic of inner needs, unconscious values and shadow drives. Sometimes we ask questions in different forms. How do we formulate all the above to maximize understanding and change? That is the topic of this pocket course! We will examine some of the important psycho-linguistic structures in conversational transactions and optimize our use of them. Requirements are a basic knowledge of astrology and a burning desire to optimize the change that is constantly taking place in ourselves and in others. Looking forward to seeing you there!

In this pocket-course you will learn:

What regulates change in yourself and others. The important distinction between Installation and Invokation. How to form questions which transform. What is a "Pre-Supposition" and how to use them for optimum change in yourself and your clients. To define CYBERNETICS for yourself in ways which empower your astrological practice and your life. The optimum uses of consciousness filters and consciousness focus.

There are no requirements for this course, aside from a passionate curiosity about what makes you and others tick.

There are very intense and focused homework assignments to integrate the class work. You are encouraged to playfully take this seriously! :)

None provided

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required materials:


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Class Offerings and Registration:
This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

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