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Lectures, Workshops and Pocket Courses

Lectures, Workshops and Pocket Courses

Along with single Lectures, or a longer Workshop, we are offering a Pocket size course. These presentations will allow you to hone in on certain proficiencies that may be lacking in your interpretations, or it may simply be a method that you are curious about exploring.

A Lecture is typically 90 minutes in duration. A Workshop can be most of a day. The Pocket Courses will be somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks in length. Any of these presentations will be on specific skills, such as techniques or history or professional skills, and we will not require homework. We do require that you have a firm understanding of astrology.

If you would like to find courses taught by a particular instructor, you can visit our Faculty and Staff page, then click on the name of the instructor to view the courses they are teaching.

Modules in Lectures, Workshops and Pocket Courses

Past Lectures and Pocket Courses

All lectures and Pocket courses have been recorded. You can find streaming recordings in the IAA Media Studio.

Courses in this module:

Currently offered:

These courses are repeating or have a current registration open.

Courses in this module:

Additional Courses in Lectures, Workshops and Pocket Courses

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