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Department of Preliminary Education

Department of Preliminary Education

Are you new to astrology?

Have you discovered that there is more to astrology than the Sun-sign column? Do you believe that astrology can expand your understanding of yourself and others around you?

The IAA Preliminary Education Department was built just for you. These classes present the basics of astrology so you can discover the mystery of "the stars". And if you are so inclined, the BASIC course are the prefect platform to prepare you for IAA's Professional Training Department

If you would like to find courses taught by a particular instructor, you can visit our Faculty and Staff page, then click on the name of the instructor to view the courses they are teaching.

Class Offerings for Department of Preliminary Education

Basic Astrology

Basic Astrology is an introductory course for students without any previous knowledge of Astrology. It is designed to help students ... [read more...]

10 class meetings
Prerequisites: None, beginners

This course has no class offerings currently taking registrations.

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