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Department of Professional Modules for Specialized Training:
Professional Module - Vedic Astrology Track

Vedic astrology is the westernized name for Jyotisha, or just Jyotish, the sacred art and science of Eastern astrology that is rooted in the most ancient philosophies of India. Jyoti means light, and "ish" is the prefix of the Sanskrit word for God (Ishwar), which translates as "made of." Therefore, Jyotish means "made of light…the light of God…or the study of light." This light is not physical light. Rather, it is the spiritual light that radiates from the galactic center and informs all intelligence and life on Earth. The ultimate purpose of Vedic astrology is to reveal swadharma, the highest purpose of the soul in the great cosmic drama of life. The IAA Vedic astrology program provides a basic foundation in Sage Parashara’s lineage of Vedic astrology.

Class Offerings for Professional Module - Vedic Astrology Track

DPL-6 Introduction to Vedic Astrology

9 class meetings
Prerequisites: None
Price: $495

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