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Learn astrology online: International Academy of AstrologySo you have an idea for an informative and interesting continuing education course and would like some direction on how to put your idea into action. It's important for you to understand that you have the major responsibility for attracting students, and from our experience we have found that the ideal dynamic is a class with 3-5 students. IAA will advertise your course through diverse channels, but there is no substitute for your own personal engagement. Telephone and email clients, friends, acquaintances. Make postings at your local esoteric bookstore and college. Bring it up at your local astrology group. Any efforts, which may even remotely promise to bring you students, will pay rich rewards in the long run.

Before emailing any proposals to us, we urge you to become familiar with the International Academy of Astrology website. Take a look at the variety, times, length, and tuition of the courses that are offered. Check out the different Departments, the Public Libraries, the Shopping Area, and the Staff. And don't forget while you're touring the website to sign up for IAA Subscription! After you've had a "walk around campus," it will now be time for you to begin the Continuing Education Course Approval Process. Here's how the process begins:

Tell us briefly about yourself, what your interests are, who has influenced you, where you received your training and what levels of certification you have achieved. Have you taught astrology before? What inspired you to conceive the basis of the course you'd like to offer and anything you might think might be appropriate to IAA getting to know you. Then write a course proposal, outlining the major idea and principle behind the course, and be sure to include any required or suggested reading material. Once we have reviewed your proposal, we will contact you with further information and/or questions.

You can email all information and inquiries to the IAA Education Director at education@astrocollege.org.

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