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Our Teaching Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy

The courses at the International Academy of Astrology have been designed specifically to guide students on the path to becoming fully qualified professional astrologers -- from the beginner level, through achieving certification from one of the astrological organizations, to training in specialized subjects. Our classes are geared to serious students of astrology, and due to the depth of the subject matter, students must be prepared to commit adequate time for reading, studying, and homework, as well as class attendance.

Our classes are purposely kept small so that each student gets individual attention as well as interaction with other students -- we feel that both are essential to the learning process. The classes are structured so that the students have plenty of time to learn and practice each technique, while still introducing the material quickly enough to satisfy that yearning to "know more."

Mass enrollment is not our goal. IAA desires enrollments from serious students who are dedicated to a full exploration of astrology -- those who are willing to look at the various techniques, to practice these techniques rigorously, to further their own knowledge through reading and study -- students who are committed to raising awareness of astrology in an ethical and professional manner.

As the established leader in astrological classes in an online environment, the International Academy of Astrology is dedicated to the best of traditional astrological education, with a goal of raising the standard for astrological practice around the world.

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