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Anne-Christine Gruber

Anne-Christine Gruber: Instructor

I was born and raised in Switzerland where I lived until I moved to the US in 2003. My professional background is in business; I studied economics and worked in the public sector for the Swiss government.

My move to the US gave me the opportunity to reconsider my path and to orient my professional career towards a field I really liked. I was always interested in astrology but had never the time and the courage to undertake in-depth studies. In 2008, however, I decided to study astrology in depth and I found IAA. I started in May 2008 and it has been a captivating journey learning the different techniques, discovering the power of astrology and also finding out new sides of myself.

After receiving my IAA certification I was also approached by IAA to become a teacher and I will have the privilege to teach NAT-7.

Anne-Christine Gruber

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