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Eugenia Krok, MA
Guest Lecturer / Pocket Course Instructor

Eugenia  Krok, MA: Guest Lecturer / Pocket Course Instructor

Eugenia Krok, MA holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Art Therapy along with a certification in Grief Therapy. With a decade of astrological experience, Eugenia is inspired by the potential of merging astrology with modern-day health care. She works to do this with her organization Accessible Astrology, LLC.

Eugenia has served thousands of clients from around the world while teaching astrology to groups and individuals around the world since 2012. Currently, she reaches an international audience through her podcast ‘Bridging Realities: An Accessible Astrology Podcast’ with over 20,000 listeners a month.

Through her education and experiences, Eugenia uses her training in psychotherapy and astrology to highlight core issues and traumas to help access self-understanding and self-acceptance for her clients.

Eugenia Krok, MA

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