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Jodie J. Forrest

Jodie J. Forrest: Instructor

Jodie Forrest is a professional astrologer, writer and teacher with a full service practice who's worked with clients and students for over 35 years. A frequent contributor to astrological journals, she wrote the book The Ascendant, and co-authored (with Steven Forrest) Skymates I, Skymates II, and two synastry reports. Jodie’s traveled to teach or lecture about astrology in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and France. When she isn’t working, she writes fiction, paints, and spoils her cats. She lives with her husband, Mark Tighe, in Southern California, where an uppity cast of her fictional characters competes for her attention. Please visit her online at websites, jodieforrestastrology.com and deepspaceart.net.

Jodie J. Forrest

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