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Noel Eastwood
Guest Lecturer / Pocket Course Instructor

Noel Eastwood: Guest Lecturer / Pocket Course Instructor

Noel Eastwood is a retired psychologist having worked as a special education and infants/primary teacher, school counsellor / psychologist in schools and in the juvenile justice system and finally in private practice. His journey through life led him to astrology (studying under Chris Turner in the mid 80’s), tarot, taoism, meditation and anything to do with the occult. He likes to keep busy in his retirement by writing on the topics he loves: astrology, tarot, fantasy, science fiction, self hypnosis, psychology and psychotherapy.

Books by Noel Eastwood:

Currently writing: ‘The Fool’s Journey Through the Tarot Cups’ and ‘Psychological Astrology and the Signs of the Zodiac’. His next project is to complete The Fool’s Journey series and two more books in his Psychological Astrology series.

Noel Eastwood

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