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Anya Kezerashvili

Anya Kezerashvili: Instructor

Being born and raised in the former Soviet Union, now Russia, my mind and soul have always been open to the possibility of things (forms, ideas) that reach beyond the accepted physical reality. In astrology I found the way that enables me to touch the very fabric of the Universe and to participate in its enigmatic unfolding.

I received my formal astrological education at IAA and now I am very excited to teach here. As a triple Gemini – Gem ASC-SUN-MOON conjunction – I always tend to live several lives at the same time, and right now that includes a full-time corporate job in super-charged New York City, being a wife to a creative artist, astrology, and intuitive work with horses. My particular interest in astrology is a study of complex patterns both on personal and mundane level.

Anya Kezerashvili

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