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Chris A A Turner, Fellow FAA, QA (FAA), AAT (FAA) Accr. Member APA, Dip Biol.

Chris A A Turner, Fellow FAA, QA (FAA), AAT (FAA) Accr. Member APA, Dip Biol.: Vice-President

Chris Turner, Fellow FAA, QA (FAA), AAT (FAA) Accr. Member APA, Dip Biol.began her serious study of astrology in 1971, after a life-long interest in the subject. She began teaching in 1974 and co-founded the Sydney Astrology Centre, the first formal school of astrology in Australia, in 1975.

She began consulting on a part-time basis in 1976, becoming a full-time consultant in 1978.

Between 1979 and 1983 Chris established herself as an international conference and after-dinner speaker. During this time she also published several articles for both serious astrology journals and popular periodicals.

In 1984, she published The Astrology Book of Calculations, a textbook that remains highly respected and in demand worldwide. She established The Chiron School of Astrology - the first school to offer full-time courses in astrology, and regarded as one of the prestigious astrology schools in Australia - and began writing a regular column for TV Week, which remained one of the most read astrology columns in the popular press for the next 14 years.

In 1984 Chris also was instrumental in creating the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) Exam Board, becoming a foundation member, and on which she still serves as the longest serving FAA examiner. She chaired the Board in 1988 and again in 1995.

In 1987 Chris was elected to the steering committee of the NSW Branch of the FAA (now known as the NSW Astrology Association) serving two years as its President in 1989/90. She retired from this committee in 1992, but remained as an advisor until 1999 when she was re-elected until 2001.

In 1988 Chris was elected to the National Council of the FAA and has remained a serving member up to the present time. In 1990 she was elected to National Vice President and in 1992 to National President, serving a two-year term. In 1991 she initiated the first Professional Register of astrologers, becoming its first Registrar and in 1995 she served a year as Journal Editor, In 1998 Chris was elected to the positions of National Media Officer, and Overseas Liaison Officer, positions she still holds.

In 1992 she was among the first four astrologers to be given official FAA accreditation as an astrology teacher. In 1994 she was made a Fellow of the FAA, and in 1996 awarded a Southern Cross award for special services to astrology. She was again awarded the Southern Cross award in 2002, this time for Education.

In 1999 Chris wrote StarStruck (HarperCollins) a best selling book on relationships, which will be released in the US in 2001. She also became the regular columnist for Women's Health, a popular monthly periodical.

At this time she also co-founded the Association of Professional Astrologers, which provides networking, support and research for practising astrologers, and referrals or information for the media and public in general.

In the past twenty years, Chris has spoken at conferences in the US, UK, Yugoslavia and New Zealand, and has appeared many times on National TV programs, such as The Midday Show, Today Tonight, and Today, as well as taking part in the various specials made on Astrology over the years. She has also been interviewed many times on radio stations such as 2GB and 3AW, and appeared semi-regularly on 2UE life-style programs.

Chris A A Turner, Fellow FAA, QA (FAA), AAT (FAA) Accr. Member APA, Dip Biol.

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