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Ena Stanley, C.A.P-ISAR./CA-NCGR

Ena Stanley, C.A.P-ISAR./CA-NCGR : President

Ena Stanley is the winner of the 2012 Marion D. March Regulus Award for Education. and was the first person to receive NCGR's Level IV Certification in the field of education. She started her personal study of astrology in 1968 and began her formal study in the late 1970's with Beverly Farrell, PMAFA. Her education went on through the first half of the 1980's with several noted astrologers, including intense studies with, Ziporah Dobyns and Joan Negus.

In January of 1986, she began her career as a teacher and started her work building a curriculum to accommodate certification programs. She taught at Southern Oregon State College, 1986-1989; College of the Mainland (Galveston County, Texas), 1990-1993; Gulf Coast Chapter - NCGR, 1994-1997; CALCampus, an exclusively on-line community college, January 1994 - Spring, 1997. In April of 1997, she and Ed Perrone created and opened the first cyberspatial astrological school through an experimental contract with NCGR; but upon realizing the broad potential of this medium, they decided not to remain exclusive. Subsequently Online College of Astrology was born.

In Spring of 2008, Online College of Astrology, Inc. was dissolved and on March 31, 2008, at 12 noon (Richmond, Virginia), OCA, Corp. became a 501(c)(3) corporation. At UAC in Denver of that same year, a meeting was held consisting of staff, faculty and students, past and present. This was a very productive meeting with many discussions that ultimately brought about additional changes, it was noted that the word "online" was appropriate in 1997, but in 2008, it was passé. A contest was organized that fall to select a newer and more appropriate name for our school. The International Academy of Astrology was decided upon.

The International Academy of Astrology is a vocational school dedicated to offering the serious astrology student a wide-ranging and comprehensive education. Many distinguished astrologers have contributed as teachers, as well as to its curriculum. The Academy is respected in the astrological community for its multi-facultied and multi-perspective education -- no one particular model or belief is the focus, giving each student the tools to explore any number of factions.

Ena maintains her position of President of the Board as well as running the school as the CEO.

Ena Stanley, C.A.P-ISAR./CA-NCGR

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