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Jennie (Gilmore) White

Jennie (Gilmore) White: Instructor

Influenced by my mother's interest in astrology, I have had a life-long attraction to this ancient art. Around the time of my mother's death (and during my Uranus opposition) an insatiable thirst for deeper knowledge sparked in me a quest for more astrological education. I realized that I could not get the understanding I was seeking on my own, so I began my search for a teacher. This quest led me to IAA. I began my formal education in January 2010.

The further I go in my studies, the more intense my love and respect for astrology becomes. This passion (accompanied by an intense trine last year with transit Pluto and my North Node) brought me to a point where I could no longer tolerate my 29 year career as a Chef. I took the plunge, quit my “responsible” job, and began my practice, “Ode to Pluto Astrology”.

I continue to study at IAA, and I find that each class builds upon the knowledge acquired in the class before. Now my education has moved to a new level as I have been given the opportunity to convey what I have learned to others through teaching both at IAA and in person.

The self-awareness and self-compassion I have gained through the window of astrology has led me to refocus and redirect my life. It has become a powerful tool to help me work with the flow of existence and most fully realize my purpose.

Teaching is very important to me. It is a goal of mine to assist others to utilize this powerful tool.

You can find me on facebook or at Ode to Pluto Astrology.

Jennie (Gilmore) White

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