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Laveta Piemme

Laveta Piemme: Instructor

Faculty Biography Laveta PiemmeInstructor

Little did I know back in 1977 as my divorce unfolded that it was just the place where my story could play out with my YOD being activated. It was when transiting Saturn crossed over my natal Pluto, and then a few months later transiting Pluto found his way onto my natal Neptune....bam! This set up the electrification of the sextile of Pluto to Neptune and the quincunx of both of these to my Mars, opening the doors for me to step into the magical mystery tour of the rest of my life. It has been a journey where I have gone in search for the continual transformation of the root of who I am. Throughout the rest of the 70's and then the 80's I explored the terrain of my inner life, coming to a place of peace and knowing truly that the universe is perfect and on time, (even when i don't like how "perfect" may look at a particular moment!), looking for the diamond that is the gift in every lump of coal i could find. I was born March 1, 1949, and was a curious child, and, as my mother tells me, I talked my way through the neighborhood, telling all. Not only did I have a voice that talked me through the neighborhood, the artist in me was strong, and needed a voice, also, and that is the path that choose me as my livelihood for the past 30 years. My vertex trines my Venus in Aquarius in the 10th house, and selling my works of art has been a smooth process that has been laid before me. But along with this need to create there has been a calling that started back in 1977 that coaxed me into another avenue for the years since then: an obsession to understand what makes me and my fellow humans tick. I have proceeded in many different directions with this, studying the enneagram, dabbling with NLP, working with angels, doing numerous transformational group oriented work along with all the reading i did that made bells and whistles go off in my head...bring it on...I loved it!!!

Somewhere in this mix of exploration in this journey, I became aware that our energy is directly related to our breath. Our energy field changes as we take an in-breath, and then exhale. I could see it. As happens in my "the universe is perfect and on time" belief and philosophy, I was introduced to breathwork through a friend. After one session, I knew that I was going to become a facilitator to create an avenue to work with people moving energy, through breath, that is held in the body from times in the past where we did not allow ourselves to feel something that was too painful and just stuffed it inside.

As is my Gemini signature, very mutable way, doing many things at the same time, I had also been drawn to astrology, and, as I was developing my breathwork, I realized that it was helpful to look at a chart (in my limited ability at that point), and just simply use the elements, or lack of them, in the breath session. "H-mmmm", i said to myself, "there is a mother lode here into which I could tap." That began my active pursuit of astrology.

My sessions with the breath work are now started with a chart, where the chart gives me the blueprint as to how the person is wired through the energies to which they became attuned at the moment their first breath was drawn. I have become more and more aware of the profound information that a simple, yet paradoxically complex chart contains. It is the microcosm of the macrocosm, the blueprint of our internal wiring that is reflected in the map of our solar system at that moment of our entrance into our own body that breaths...and, so here we are, back to the connection of breathwork and astrology. To be able to go to the depths of it's multi-layers and breath life into a chart and it's symbols is a life long pursuit, one that brings a sense of awe and joy to me in the magical journey of life.

Laveta Piemme

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