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Ray Couture
Guest Lecturer / Pocket Course Instructor

Ray Couture: Guest Lecturer / Pocket Course Instructor

Born in Maine in 1941 he is of French-Canadian descent and a military veteran of the Air Force. After release from the military he wandered to Berkeley Ca where was introduced to Astrology by a man who ultimately became his mentor and the person who introduced him to the works of Dane Rudhyar the father of Humanistic Astrology.

He has been involved with astrology as a teacher, lecturer and counselor for more than 45 years. He has a world wide following and clientele having been seen in various you tube and television appearances with more than 8 million views. He has a background in community media that included producing and hosting many radio programs exploring the cutting edge of human consciousness with New Dimensions Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was personally associated with Dane Rudhyar, who requested he open a metaphysical bookstore featuring Rudhyar’s works. He produced a film of the only talk by Dane Rudhyar ever filmed which is now available for viewing on youtube. He also met with and studied with Marc Edmund Jones the author of many astrology books including “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology”. He currently lives in Seattle WA where he continues to work as an astrological counselor in Seattle and globally online via his website www.astrologicalperspectives.net.

Ray Couture

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