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Patty Nicholson

Patty Nicholson: Instructor

Patricia Nicholson, Dipl. I.A.A. Instructor

Patty applies the craft of Astrology toward self-discovery and the evocation of inner wisdom. She holds that the natal chart is a pictorial representation of the life directive given to each individual, from their higher self, prior to each incarnation. As a facilitator, she supports others in examining their experiences in light of the cycles of maturity shown in the chart and encourages others to view their lives from a more expansive perspective. Patty offers an approach that is empowering and helpful in inspiring individuals to embrace their unique journey.

She is a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology, where she recently began teaching and has received certification through Steven Forest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program. She is a member of ISAR, NCGR-Sac and OPA.

Her astrological work is supported through an active meditative practice, based upon teachings received under Dr. Elliot Dasher as a mentee of his Buddhist based meditation and mind training program. Additionally, Patty is certified in the practice of Energy Medicine from the Academy of Intuitive Medicine.

Patty is a former Land-Use Planner and received a BS Degree in Environmental Science. She lives in California with her husband and black lab where she spends time working in and cooking from her garden.

Patty Nicholson

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