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Eleni Kostika

Eleni Kostika: Instructor

I was born on the 6th of September 1969, in Athens, Greece.

My first encounter with astrology was as a young child reading a couple of Sun sign books my mother had at home. I am quite intuitive and anything metaphysical appealed to me from a very young age. Curiosity mixed with intuition and a need to liberate myself from what was expected of me, as well as my liberal and unconventional upbringing led most of my life decisions. Yet, I would never have anticipated that trURA in my 10th house Squ my Gemini Asc at 29 degrees would testify with such accuracy, to a sudden and unconventional vocational shift that started with an apparently impulsive but quite fated enrolment at IAA classes in the spring of 2010. This was the formal beginning of my personal journey in the study of astrology. Even though a Dipl. Graduate I continue my studies and my personal research into this abyss of knowledge, and currently find myself intensely drawn towards exploring traditional forecasting methods, timing techniques, and relational patterns.

My other vocation is architecture. I established my own practice in Athens in 1997 which I run to the present day, and I have been quite an active promoter of architecture in my country and abroad through writing articles and as a founder and editor of an architectural magazine in the beginning of my career.

I am now also a practicing astrologer, based in Athens, and very pleased to share my knowledge with students as I have recently been invited to teach at IAA.

My basic philosophy in life in general stems from the principle that knowledge is there to be shared, and that we all share a responsibility within the context of interconnectedness. I have an acute instinct and a sensibility to other’s needs.

Astrology is an incredible tool for self-improvement, and as such I treat it, as such I present it to my clients. It is a body of knowledge (perhaps the oldest one that exists) which can take one to the core of a matter much faster than any other tool. Once you understand the cyclical and repetitive patterns of planetary energies, you can use them effectively to navigate the currents of life, with greater clarity, and sense of orientation. You gain perspective, which is priceless. I would compare astrology to a compass; it can give you direction and guidance, it can show you where you are, and assist you in finding where you want to go.

You can find me on Facebook .

Eleni Kostika

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