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Dictionary of Astrological and Astronomical Terms

Compiled by Julene Packer-Louis, Evan Bortnick, and Jackie Goldstein

Copyright 2000-2020 OCA, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of the dictionary may be reproduced in any form without written permission.



Is the first sign of the zodiac. It is a cardinal Fire sign, and is ruled by the planet Mars. Its symbol is the Ram, and its glyph is similar to a ram's horns. It is said to be associated with the head, and people with their Sun in Aries may suffer from scars or injuries to the head or face, or suffer from headaches.

Aries is headstrong, courageous, impulsive, propulsive, initiating, pioneering, and can exhibit aggressive tendencies. Aries asserts the SELF. It impatiently pushes itself to the front of the line and says I AM ME and I AM FIRST and I want to win. It is childlike in its tendency to be egotistical. We caution that much of this description does not take into account other factors in the chart.

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