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Dictionary of Astrological and Astronomical Terms

Compiled by Julene Packer-Louis, Evan Bortnick, and Jackie Goldstein

Copyright 2000-2020 OCA, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of the dictionary may be reproduced in any form without written permission.



The 10th sign of the zodiac is a cardinal earth sign. Its symbol is the goat with a fish tail. Capricorn is associated with bones and especially with the knees, and Capricorns may have a tendency to be susceptible to bone and joint problems.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and people with this sign prominent in their natal chart are likely to be hard workers and hard taskmasters to themselves or others. They are practical, cautious and self-sufficient and are known as planners and organizers. Their emotional side is often hidden beneath a reserved exterior.

We caution that much of this description does not take into account other factors in the chart.

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