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Dictionary of Astrological and Astronomical Terms

Compiled by Julene Packer-Louis, Evan Bortnick, and Jackie Goldstein

Copyright 2000-2020 OCA, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of the dictionary may be reproduced in any form without written permission.



The sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo is a mutable, earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, although some astrologers would give the rulership to the asteroid Chiron. Its symbol is a young woman, and its glyph is said to represent a serpent. (it is said that Virgo and Scorpio used to be one sign).

Virgo is associated with the nervous system and has as a theme the concept of discrimination and analysis. Virgo needs to make improvements on the self, which is why it rules health issues, and to begin the process of interacting with others. Virgo can be picky and hypercritical but also is quite flexible and good at combing the fine print for mistakes. Virgo enjoys the feeling of being able to serve by fixing what's wrong and doing things more efficiently. We caution that much of this description does not take into account other factors in the chart.

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